Ammonite & Orthoceras Plate

2.04 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 19.00 Height: 25.00 Depth: 9.00
  • Ammonite & Orthoceras Plate

Executive gift or exquisite decor! Ammonites-snail like structure & Orthoceras-primitive marine squid are preserved animals remnants of the past. Fossils are organic matter transformed into stone or mineral which permeates the empty cellular space so the original organic material remains & preserves its cellular structure. Fossils help develop telepathic interaction between past, present & other realities. Used to improve business performance & inspire quality & excellence in surroundings. Disperses outdated indoctrination & makes receptive to new pioneering energy that is accessible. May stimulate thymus, treat disorders linked with skeletal system, hands, feet & aid atrophy.

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