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Book - Pendulum Power by Greg Nielson & Joseph Polansky

0.18 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 13.00 Height: 20.00 Depth: 1.00
  • Book - Pendulum Power by Greg Nielson & Joseph Polansky

The power of the pendulum has been used since the beginning of time. Those with the knowledge of its use have located buried treasure, discovered hidden water, divined the future, and reaped success of all kinds. Pendulum Power teaches you how to use the pendulum, how to make your own, and how its amazing power can be put to use right away. Pendulum Power reveals the mysterious origins of the pendulum, its application in love and sex, in choosing a diet or selecting a job, in finding lost objects, and in healing. A knowledge of the pendulum's power can help you communicate with the hidden levels of your being. Pendulum Power is your entrance into the world of intuitive awareness.