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Bracelet Chip Bead - Dendritic Opal

0.10 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 5.00 Height: 7.00 Depth: 1.00
  • Bracelet Chip Bead - Dendritic Opal

3-7mm chip beads strung on s-t-r-e-t-c-h elastic approximately 6-7cm in diameter. Dendritic Opal is a variety of opal not containing fire. White opal with black dendrite inclusions, similar to branching of moss or tree ferns. Infuses a softness that conveys support & certainty. Dendritic Opal develops both spiritual & physical growth via poised confidence, quiet strength, self-belief, & inner discovery. Organizational skills are improved. May assists in the flow of blood in the body & help disorders of the veins & arteries. Said to help align the nervous systems of etheric and physical bodies. Can be used to treat structure of the skeleton. Packaged Dimensions.