Coprolite (Dinosaur Poo) 3

1.01 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 13.00 Height: 8.50 Depth: 8.00
  • Coprolite (Dinosaur Poo) 3

Fossilized Dinosaur Poo – Colorado Plateau USA. Within Chinle formation Upper Triasccis Era 245-200myo. Coprolite means dung stone and was discovered in the 19th century. Most soft materials were replaced with minerals like silicates & calcium carbonates. Creatures were mostly larger vertebrates, terrestrial & marine reptilia more specific to Archosauria & Dinosauria such as plesiosaurs. Stone of protection giving sense of safety. Aids memory & alleviates fear-based illusions showing what the imagination is creating! Enhances intelligence & does away with outmoded thoughts & ideas that no longer benefit. Increases energy. Said to connect to prehistoric epoch during meditation.