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Fuchsite Rough 1

1.13 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 17.00 Height: 9.00 Depth: 6.00
  • Fuchsite Rough 1

Fuchsite-green mica, dark green metallic iridescence (red & brown are caused by iron-mica inclusions). Excellent for those who feel the need to 'rescue'. Deals with past/present issues of servitude from where one is being dominated. Shows how to support & do what is necessary for someone soul growth so they learn their own lessons. Inclination towards martyrdom dissolves. Those who serve often do so out of feeling "unworthy". Valuable for family or group pressure, becoming ill or addicted on behalf of that family/group to remain dependent on them. Fuchsite conquers feelings of mutual need & emotional blackmail by releasing each soul to undergo their own path. It teaches true self worth, blends being caring but strict, & being able to say ’no'. Good for carpel tunnel, spinal alignment & muscle flexibility.