Malachite Specimen With Calcite Crystals!

0.48 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 9.00 Height: 5.50 Depth: 6.00
  • Malachite Specimen With Calcite Crystals!

Malachite challenges one to move forward. Promotes decision-making & expression of feelings. Excellent balancer. Generates empathy, eases shyness & reduces inhibitions. Inspires adventurous experiences of life. Brings blocks to the surface. Awakens desire for knowledge & absorption of information. Evokes dreams & imagery. Aids sleep. Reduces stress & tension. Beneficial for female issues. Dissolves cramps, menstrual problems & helps labour. Provides relief from negative sexual experiences. Vitalises body, fuels nerves & brain function. Calcite stimulates & expands ones power when placed on chakras. A significant purifier & amplifier of energy facilitating multilevel knowledge & understanding. It clarifies double meanings & hidden messages while supporting interaction & communication. Diminishes stress relieving the nervous system & reducing headaches. De-calcifies bone growths & calcium assimilation takes place in the body. Helps dissolve emotive blocks & sustains life force. Great for weight loss and healing the eyes.