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Moldavite 3

0.08 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 2.00 Height: 1.40 Depth: 1.60
  • Moldavite 3

Specimen grade, collection quality. Moldavite is a form of Tektite. Originating 15 million years ago, it formed when a giant meteorite hit the earths surface. Extreme heat & explosive force of the impact altered the surrounding rocks, created a glassy crystal substance. Moldavite is a synthesis of extraterrestrial & earthly energies! It is rare & will become extinct. Extremely high vibration opens & clears blocks from the chakras. It resonates powerfully with the crown, third eye & throat opening to receive highest spiritual guidance & integrating our divine blueprint for accelerated spiritual growth. Takes one into highest spiritual dimensions & unites with higher self & Ascended Masters to help with ascension process. Moldavite is excellent for sensitive incarnate souls not used to the intense earthly energies & not adjusting to distress & deep feelings. Used for good fortune and fertility. It can greatly enhance the effect of other gemstones. Quartz helps stabilise the spiritual experiences of Moldavite. Actual pc wt: 0.00412g Postage Packed wt: 0.079g This item has been photographed with light behind it to help highlight and or illustrate it's physical attributes.