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Scarab Cabochon 16x22mm - Boulder Opal 2

0.06 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 2.20 Height: 0.50 Depth: 1.60
  • Scarab Cabochon 16x22mm - Boulder Opal 2

Scarabs were revered by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of the resurrection and the enduring human soul. They are associated with the Egyptian morning sun god, Khepri. Khepri, the creator-god, represented the sun from sunrise to sunset. In Egyptian religion the scarab was identified with the Sun because it flew during the hottest parts of the day. Scarabs symbolise creation and transformation. Stone of Purity & Intensity. Gemmy Boulder Opal from Quilpie Australia. Beautiful natural colour purple, some green & red in chocolate brown ironstone matrix. Opal has long been used by aborigines for ceremonial 'dreamtime' inspiring bond between earth stars. Brings clarity to difficult situations generating strong grounding properties. Assists in calming the soul & creating a healing state. Allows one to remain centered during times of decision making & stress. Supports mental clarity, emotional protection, physical wellbeing & spiritual development. Facilitates the end of dilemmas. Strengthens eyesight, assist recovery from Parkinson's & provides comfort during childbirth.Sample Photo.