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Amethyst Dream - Generator 9

0.40 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 13.00 Height: 3.00 Depth: 4.00
  • Amethyst Dream - Generator 9

Amethyst Generator, fully polished crystal with cut base. Great pattern & colour. Generators optimize healing energy & facilitate focus and clarity of intention.

Amethyst Dream is a mix of high grade amethyst, ‘female’ white quartz and earthy red hematite. This powerful fusion carries elemental wisdoms & insight, merging knowledge from earth below & sky above. It protects, grounds & shields light workers.  Tension is mitigated and is said to create bravery & inner control.  It builds a powerful healing field that cleanses the aura & advances one to move towards spiritual growth and higher potential. It calms, relaxes & deepens the meditative state and helps remove resistance to change. It wards off destructive forces of all kind & amplifies energies to attract what is needed. Improves concentration, memory & psychosomatic abilities.  Removes headache, pain, viral & infectious disease. Helps treat lungs, pancreas, liver & intestines. Stimulates immune system.