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Calcite Quartz Geode 7

0.97 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 17.00 Height: 8.00 Depth: 6.50
  • Calcite Quartz Geode 7

Calcite-Quartz is a powerful fusion - a strong magnifier & purifier of energy! Merely having this in any space cleans negativity from the environment & increases one's life force. Quartz is the most dominant healing power on earth. It receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy together with Calcite's capacity to clean the chakras & alleviate emotional stress & replace with calm. They create order where there is chaos, bringing about poise, balance & symmetry! This spiritual combo links to higher consciousness & facilitates the opening of higher awareness & psychic abilities, accelerating spiritual development. It helps concentration & generates clarity, stimulates the nervous system & activates the immune system. A universal healer.