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Crystal Ball - Crazy Lace Agate 3

0.27 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 5.00 Height: 5.00 Depth: 5.00
  • A unique piece of decor!

Crazy Lace Agate stabilizes, defends & weaves protection around its owner due to the "lace" pattern it displays. It is recognized as a protective stone, especially for children, as it wards off "evil spirits." Its gentle soothing effect can help strengthen the body’s connection to the earth. Assists one in staying focused & is exceptional in aiding decision making. Provides courage, vitality, power & dispels fear, creating self-confidence. Grounds emotions which helps resolve bitterness, resentment & envy. Great for increasing stamina & vitality & is said to improve skin disorders such as acne & eczema. Beneficial for heart & endocrine system, also issues of teeth & gums.