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Crystal Ball - Sunstone in Matrix 3

0.36 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 5.70 Height: 5.70 Depth: 5.70
  • Crystal Ball - Sunstone in Matrix 3

Sunstone in Quartz matrix clears & energizes chakras, easing stress, dissipating fear & increasing vitality. Independence autonomy & originality is promoted. It sets in motion good luck, balance & blessings by lifting optimism & desire for action. A sense of worth & self-confidence is released. Quartz augments sunstone qualities adding its unique traits. Amplifies, clears, transmits, aligns & empowers that which it shares. Together they fuel self-healing. Ideal for ulcers, stomach tension, chronic sore throats, cartilage problem & rheumatism.

A sphere send energy in all directions and is the most unified ancient universal symbol representing union, wholeness and eternity. Spheres facilitate smoother communication in group work and are often used as windows to the past and future. They are used to purify and fill the gaps in the entire auric field. Their presence facilitates clear thinking, order and symmetry so as to bring about balance to mind, body & soul.