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Kunzite - Hiddenite Bicolour With Tourmaline Inclusion

0.10 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 1.50 Height: 1.00 Depth: 2.00
  • Kunzite - Hiddenite Bicolour  With Tourmaline Inclusion

Naturally terminated Spodumene Bicolour. Kunzite - pink and Hiddenite - green are from the Spodumene family. It synthesizes & influences life force to create powerful messages of peace & feelings of unconditional love. Accesses inner sensitivity & strength. Cleanses & rhythmically centres on all levels. Dispels heavy atmospheres & manic behaviour while improving the quality of ones environment by providing a protective shield from unwanted influences. Promotes maturity in thought & action while maintaining the openness of a child. Strengthens heart muscle, supports lung & circulatory functions & improves stress related disease & nervous complaints.