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Necklace 4mm Bead - Fluorite Rainbow

0.07 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 6.00 Height: 5.00 Depth: 1.00
  • Necklace 4mm Bead - Fluorite Rainbow

Round bead strung on s-t-r-e-t-c-h elastic, length 46cm approx. Fluorite dissolves illusion & reveals truth by expressing the mind in balance with spirit. Empowers one to shape their future by bringing chaos into order. Excellent for mind development and helps grasp higher abstract concepts & supports learning. Nicknamed the 'genius stone,' it signifies the peak state of mental achievement. Creates greater concentration & contemplation, tapping into vast resources of creative energy. Highly protective. Inequality & suppressed emotions are re-stabilized and bring about gentle release. Physically strengthens teeth & bones, assists in regeneration of skin & brilliant for arthritis, joint stiffness & vitamin absorption. Sample photo. Packaged Dimensions.