Desert Rose Gypsum 2

0.52 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 11.50 Height: 6.50 Depth: 8.50
  • Desert Rose Gypsum 2

Desert Rose is a form of gypsum with sand inclusions. The rosette crystal occurs when the crystals form in arid sandy desert conditions. If iron oxide is present the rosettes take on a rustic tone. This stone helps stop self imposed negative programming by releasing and finding an alternative to reinforce purpose. Stagnation is eliminated & progression is strengthened. When used in healing will bring together the 4 sacred directions & blend with Mother Earth & Father Sky. Preservation is upheld when circumstances are out of control, producing a feeling of balanced thought & linked hearts. Gypsum is considered the lucky stone because it provides a strong influence for bringing good fortune! Helps produce strong bones & can restore & improve elasticity in skin & tissues. Ancient tribes used it to stimulate fertility.

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