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Quarantine Social Distancing & Shungite

Quarantine Social Distancing & Shungite

4th Apr 2020

These days, we are all spending more time at home.Here are some ideas for using Shungite during ‘self isolation’ for a suggested safe space in your home.Checklist:KITCHENDrink Shungite water i … read more
25  Principles of Life

25 Principles of Life

27th Feb 2020

Becoming Free - The Principles of Life1. Life does not work through indecision. Indecision promotes blocks, confusion and stress. Make a decision and allow life to find movement through you. Trust you … read more
Shungite - Miracle Stone

Shungite - Miracle Stone

8th Feb 2020

What is Shungite? Shungite is an ancient stone, believed to be 2 billion years old. Shungite is black, has a semi-dull look and is 50-95% carbon based, which means it's unlike any other ston … read more