About Us

The Crystal Store is the online division of Nature's Workshop, a quality provider of crystals and holisitic products.

Nature’s Workshop (NW) is Australia’s first supplier of semi-precious stones with over a quarter of a century's experience in providing crystals and incense, supporting  specific lifestyles and areas of interest with unique items. These crystal and incense products are obtained, designed and created from worldwide sources for the price conscious consumer.

NW begun in 1984 from hobbies that eventually transitioned into a home-based business.  In 1987 there was an introduction and supply of crystals and holistic products under the name Crystals Australia Pty Ltd. 1990 saw the business move into an outlet in Wingrove St Fairfield to assist further supporting our customer’s requirements.

The business was renamed in 1991 to “Nature’s Workshop Pty Ltd” to encompass all of the products and services we offer. In 1995 NW secured a 20,000 sq ft building in Separation St Northcote and have been able to provide the service and products customers have come to expect ever since.


Mission Statement

"To source, design and create competitively priced Crystal and holistic products from Australian and worldwide sources."

This mission statement summarises the strongly held belief to provide clients with the best possible combination of quality and price.