Azurite Malachite Specimen 10

0.34 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 9.00 Height: 6.00 Depth: 4.50
  • Azurite Malachite Specimen 10

Azurite, the stone of insight & vision supports balanced energy flow. Initiates insight of the psychic self and keeps the ego in check. Boosts creative talents, eradicates indecision & evaporates fears. Issues with the brain & head are alleviated. Relieves migraines, tinnitus, & vertigo. Malachite equalizes, clears & activates all chakras while stimulating the heart & throat. Stands for fidelity, friendship & loyalty. Emotions are clarified, confusion allayed & conscience choices are made. Oxygenates the body for overall vitality. Reduces inflammation, especially for arthritis. Cleanses toxins & supports during fasting. Aids digestion & stimulates stomach & colon functions.