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Quartz - Himalayan Crystal 3

0.26 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 4.00 Height: 10.00 Depth: 4.00
  • Quartz - Himalayan Crystal 3

Himalayan Quartz crystals are sacred, divine, holy! The purest quartz on Mother Earth. Found high up in the Himalayas in the realm of yogis & saints! Quartz has been found abundantly in the Himalayas for many centuries. Old Hindu written records & Buddhist texts confirm this. Indian astrologers consider it to be the Venus stone. Hindus themselves refer to the quartz as Gods Eyes. Priests use quartz to make rosaries & Siva lingam for worship. No equipment is used in the mining of these crystals - they are selected and removed in their natural state. Himalayan quartz crystals assist those seeking elevated awareness. A personal high-frequency energy exchange is felt when coming into contact with them. Quartz powerfully mirrors all aspects of ones personality, guiding away from confusion & bringing chaos back to order, balance and symmetry. This quartz connects us to our inner Self, teaching & awakening us to Highest Truth. Quartz crystals from the Himalayas prohibit programming & are not used as tools. Instead a sense of appreciation, respect & surrender is required to activate their purpose to awaken, teach & initiate mankind. One develops wisdom when listening, hearing & following their guidance. Quartz the most dominant healing power on earth, receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy. A master healer that dispels negative energy & provides protection. Aids concentration & generates clarity on all levels. Stimulates nervous system and activates the immune system. Reduces pain, fever, swelling & nausea. Restores feeling to paralyzed regions.