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Crystal Ball - Rose Quartz *Star*

0.65 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 7.00 Height: 7.00 Depth: 7.00
  • Crystal Ball - Rose Quartz *Star*

Rose Quartz *Star* spheres show the optical phenomenon known as "asterism". It is a well developed and easily visible four to six-rayed "star" on the surface of the sphere. This can be seen when viewed in direct sunlight in the correct orientation. Simply rotate the sphere to locate the star. Did you know, the *Star* effect is produced by microscopic tourmaline inclusions! Rose Quartz initiates the intensity of true genuine love in the heart bringing nourishment, deep inner peace & healing. It reprograms the heart for integrity & self-love. It encourages directness & the ability to release worry & anxiety. It teaches sensitivity by clearing stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear & jealousy. Confidence & creativity develops. It helps expand the capacity for forgiveness, empathy & love while balancing emotions. Rose Quartz stimulates the circulatory system & aids to increases fertility.