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Black Opal - Cabochon 7x9mm

0.05 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 3.00 Height: 4.00 Depth: 1.00
  • Black Opal - Cabochon 7x9mm

Australian mined solid Black Opal with blue and green colour. Black Opal is an excellent grounding stone. It stimulates activity and provides insight into past, present & future. Initiates the third eye. Inspires reflection on inner knowing, inner seeing & inner reconciliation. Amplifies ones traits & characteristics. Promotes faithfulness, loyalty & connectedness with others, increasing the ability to know others truths & concerns. Inspires creativity & welcomes change. Reduces inhibitions. Aids depression, digestion, dysfunctional eyesight & reproduction. Strengthens memory. Packaged Dimensions.