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Crystal Ball - Lepidolite 3

0.31 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 5.20 Height: 5.20 Depth: 5.20
  • Crystal Ball - Lepidolite 3

Stone of Transition.  Calmly creates change to help let go of past emotional ordeals & bring one into the present to appreciate their life. It simplifies and reorders unconscious patterns to bring about transformation. It raises & alters energy & shifts awareness to confident acceptance. Helps balance emotional extremes & teaches one to listen to others with compassion.  Most powerful stone to calms nerves, counter tension, alleviate anxiety and release fear & guilt. Curbs depression & stops obsessive thought & behaviour.  Reduces restlessness & is highly recommended for sleep disorders, insomnia & nightmares. Place in bath to receive its calming influence.  It reins in and restrains hyperactivity / attention deficit disorder and is brilliant for sensitive children.  Blocks electromagnetic emission!