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Double Point - Quartz Jade

0.06 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 0.80 Height: 3.50 Depth: 0.70
  • Double Point - Quartz Jade

Double Terminated Points - pack of 1 - approximately 7x8x35mm.

A special stone!  The merger of green Jade and clear Quartz crystal makes this a powerful emotional balancer. When Quartz amplifies the Jade, it radiates unconditional love. This Divine stone integrates fine energies of the universe into the body. It generates clarity, courage & humility, dispelling negativity in one's energy field & environment. It protects, defends and blesses that which it touches! It instils wisdom and provides confidence & insight during times of unrest. A sense of peace is felt which sparks meditation and development of self-knowledge. Strengthens heart, kidneys & immune system. Stimulates brain functions. Activates pineal & pituitary glands. Reduces pain, fever, swelling & nausea. Cleanses blood. Aids eye disorders & female problems. Increases longevity & fertility.

 Sample photo.