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Fairy Stone 11

0.28 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 7.50 Height: 5.00 Depth: 3.50
  • Fairy Stone 11

Child Of Gaia ..The Earth Mother Fairy Stone aka Menalite is a calcium rich material that occurs naturally in deposits left in lakes by receding glaciers. They are concretion glacial sand made up of clay and calcite (calcium carbonate) cement. Their pigment can be ivory white to cream, pale beige to russet or soft grey in colour. The unusual shapes form as smooth flat discs with one or more discs growing together in irregular forms. One side can be level and the other side may have uneven markings from fossil micro-organisms which resemble ancient hieroglyphs. Native American Indians have called them Fairy Stones for hundreds of years and often carried them as lucky charms. Indian folklore suggests these special stones assured protection against evil spirits. They embody nurturing energy for our Earth and those upon it. They are children of the Earth Mother and bring to light the concerns for her and her well-being. Fairy stones have a deep practicality, bringing pragmatic answers to seekers. This manifests as prosperity and other practical benefits for daily life. They are excellent for initiating, manifesting & enhancing self awareness that is grounded & realistic. They are used as a psychic shield and can be personalized to protect during change. This stone connects to the Divine Wise Feminine providing a strong link to Mother Earth. Fear is removed and understanding instilled. They help create a deep association to the Goddess energy implying infinity, growth and evolution. Meditating with Fairy Stones help you remember your soul. They are said to adopt people rather than the other way around. For those they adopt they are said to be their "little helpers." Fairy stones high vibrations bring balance and immense power to one's mental and emotional life. A perfect polarity of masculine and feminine energy is established. Helps heal trauma and end ‘fight or flight’ patterns and gives an overall sense of centeredness & knowing. Fairy stones may be used for arthritic pain, dissolving calcifications, for general overall health, reducing inflammation, recovery from radiation or chemotherapy treatments, reducing fevers and healing wounds. This stone relates primarily to the root and crown chakras.