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Spirit Quartz White 3

0.20 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 7.50 Height: 5.50 Depth: 4.00
  • Spirit Quartz White 3

This quartz is special!

Spirit Quartz generates power directly relative to the amount of crystals over its main structure. The energy is efficient moving outward & in all directions. Extremely effective in maintaining a field of protection. It transmits by the many paths provided by the crystal, clearing, activating, magnifying & stimulating! Shift from beta to alpha waves is effortless & accelerates healing, intuition & insight! White quartz softens calms & relaxes, inspiring stability, equality & peace of mind.  A powerful energy magnifier balancing & directing healing to areas needed. This quartz develops our female nature & expression, regardless of gender. It synthesizes upper & lower chakras stabilizing psychosomatic weaknesses & brings chaos into order. Helps rashes, sensitivities, colon complaints, body detox & alleviates compulsive behaviour.