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Tumbled Stone - Rhodonite 250g

0.28 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 10.00 Height: 18.00 Depth: 4.00
  • Tumbled Stone - Rhodonite 250g

Rhodonite 250g bag of tumbled stones. Piece size 2-4cm, approximately 12-15 pieces per bag. Rhodonite - The Stone of Love, accomplishes utmost potential & brilliance. Inspires & activates the heart while grounding physical & mental energies simultaneously. Sets in motion the heart chakra to express unconditional love on a physical plane. Establishes direction, equilibrium & integration. Frees anxious confusion & supports reliable rational logic. Stillness & poise is achieved in performance. Insight & understanding to purpose can be fulfilled. Awareness & attention to detail is manifested. Settles shock & trauma bringing chaos into order. Effective for autoimmune disease, fine tunes hearing, fertility, emphysema, joint inflammation & arthritis, light sensitivity, throat infection, heart disorders, multiple sclerosis and eliminates toxins. Sample photo. Packaged Dimensions.