Tumbled Stone - Amethyst 250g


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Amethyst 250g bag of tumbled stones. Average piece size 2-3cm, 20-30 pieces approximately. Amethyst connects us with our source & promotes divine love. It accelerates the development of intuitive & psychic abilities. Strengthens and links the access to our own inner wisdom. Transforms illusions into balanced perceptions. Has strong protective qualities that support in times of loss & grief. Potent body healer which counters addictive behaviour, cleanses & energises. Helps psychosomatic disorders. Balances the nervous system and brain. Its energy aids oxygenation in blood, reduces tension & pain, helps aid tinnitus, lungs, respiratory tract, skin & intestines. Fortifies endocrine & immune system. Enhances right brain activity. Brilliant for meditation. Packaged Dimensions.