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Vanadinite Cluster 12

0.52 KGS
Approx (cm)
Width: 9.00 Height: 4.00 Depth: 8.50
  • Vanadinite Cluster 12

This exquisite medium sized piece vanadinite has the ability to increase personal power & physical energy. Makes one feel at ease with accepting their physicality. Brings emotional sensitivity to analytical minds who intellectualize their feelings. Fills the gap between thought & intelligence & grounds the soul into the body. Shields against squandering energy & educates on how to conserve physical power. Effortlessly assists circular breathing & is an aid to meditation. Shuts off brain noise & helps reach a state of quiet mind. Unlocks an inner path in the body to accept an abundance of universal energy & brings the all pervading universal force into the physical body producing deep inner stillness. Used for bladder problems, aids breathing issues, asthma, lung congestion & exhaustion.