Flat Rectangle Pendant - Shungite


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Flat Rectangle Shungite pendant 0.6x2 x 5cm approx. Comes with black waxed cord. Sample photo.

Shungite is known as the MIRACLE stone!

2 billion years old+. Found in earth's crust among ancient stratum. Likely idea is a carbonaceous meteorite hit earth & pre-existing ancient sea with organic life was created. Shungite sediment formed in seabed and contains almost all the minerals on the periodic table. Possibly the seed of first life on earth! IT PROTECTS: Has supreme shielding ability due to its rare carbon structure of ‘fullerenes’. Quickly absorbs negative 'electromagnetic' frequencies; IT PURIFIES: antibacterial-transforms water into active live-vital-energy & absorbs unsafe toxins. It warrants credit for its curative nature. A ‘panacea’! Aids: allergies, inflammation, antioxidant, burns, heart, blood, cellular metabolism, digestion, kidney, liver, immune, infections, insomnia, musculoskeletal, osteoarthritis, respiratory, skin, spine & back pain. Rebuilds emotional balance. Clean often & to recharge: place in sunlight 1  hour or hot water for 15 min.

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