Puffy Heart - Amethyst


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Puffy Hearts hold a person's energy and acts as the connector between friends. 

This fusion of dark amethyst, enegetically containing female quartz & earthy red hematite, is a powerful mix that carries elemental wisdom & insight, merging knowledge from earth below & sky above. It protects, grounds & shields light workers. Tension is relieved & said to create bravery & inner control. Helps build a powerful healing field that cleanses the aura & advances one to move towards divine expansion & higher potential. It calms, relaxes & deepens the meditative state, & helps remove resistance to change. Destructive tendencies of all kinds are stopped & attracts energies for what is needed. Concentration & memory improves. Helps ease headaches, aids lungs, pancreas & liver & intestines. Stimulates proper function of eyesight & assists thymus & immune system. Exceptional for third eye activation. Strong support for prayer & meditation, a universal healer. Sample photo.