Puffy Heart - Selenite


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Beautiful soft living energy … earthy beauty

Puffy Hearts hold a person's energy and acts as the connector between friends. 

Selenite beams white light into any setting that Selenite is placed. Clears confusion, establishes clarity & self awareness leading to connection with higher guidance. Inspires depth of peace, stillness & calm making it special for meditation. Used for expansion of the mind. It provides flexibility & strength in decisions, showing a deeper view of a situation. Records information & is great for telepathic exchange. Thin bands on the crystal hold the earths historical data. Physically aligns spine. Fights free radicals in the body. Helps with cancer, tumors, epilepsy, age spots, wrinkles & light sensitivity. Great nurturer. Disables mercury.

Handle with care, Selenite is a soft stone - don't expose to shock or moisture. Sample Photo.