Shungite Phone Plate


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Shungite is known as the MIRACLE stone!

A must have for every mobile, tablet and often used devices. 

Human bio-field has an electromagnetic nature. Mobile phone radiation, operating in the range of radio frequencies, suppresses a persons bio-field and thereby impacts badly on the body. Shungite plates use the switched on mobile phone energy of radiation and increases the tension of the bio-field to its normal values. It compensates harmful effects of mobile phone radio waves.

These days WiFi & electromagnetic frequencies permeate the atmosphere disrupting the human bio-field & negatively affecting cells in the body. This creates a feeling of being drained, exhausted & out of balance. Shungite is a powerful protector & has been shown to neutralize electromagnetic radiation. It should be kept in the areas of the home where most time is spent, near electronics and internet modems. Having any form of Shungite, particularly pyramid or spheres, is reputed to neutralize these frequencies and have a positive impact on health.  

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